It was one of those days, and the little things just kept coming! I almost had to laugh, but when the internet was down island wide for several hours (our primary communication), the phone would receive but not send messages, the laundry line fell down (another important island item), the screen on the gate and the window and… I could laugh for a while, but it was so crazy, I started making notes to remember them. Not the smartest or best move, but okay while I was still laughing. But it began to get to me.  Time to take a deeper look.

I love personal growth and development. I explore ways to clear out inner conditioning when I feel I am not living my best life from the highest vibration. Ha! That sounds a bit pompous. The thing is, right now I am frustrated with a lack of income and all the reasons I am stuck in that. Some are from the outside, like, where I live I can only get a work visa if there is a position I can fill that no islander is able to do.Then the school has some openings I could fill, but they will not hire me due to my daughter being a student. The only thing I can do here, that I can see now, is a few hours as a practice patient. (Which, by the way, I did for a semester, but since I believe we create by our thoughts, it was difficult for me to live the script of a sick patient and act it out repeatedly).

So, I’ve been working on clearing out some old conditioning and programming that would release blocks to financial prosperity. And here’s what I know…  I know there are times when there is an inner upgrade going on and stuff starts falling apart around you. It may be things like your beloved coffee pot or toaster, a phone. But here it is, if you are truly doing the inner work, the outer manifestations in your life that have been attuned to you, have a breakdown. The vibration no longer fits and it is time for an upgrade. The sooner you make the connection, inner change to outer, it seems to ease the out-picturing and short circuit the effects.

You really have to hold your ground. I was on the slippery slope that would have set my growth back, stunting or even stopping it. It was tough, but it changed when I remembered instead of counting the glitches, to start counting the blessings in the day.

As Ashleigh Brilliant once said, “When it seems that everything is falling apart, that is when it is falling in place”.Grow on, my friend. And if you need a place where others can hold the High Watch for you when you are having trouble doing it for yourself, check into the Facebook group, Holding the High Watch.

In Healing, Light and Love,



Change and change again

Been a while!  But I’ve been busy, including a couple of days in the island’s hospital. Doctor admitted she didn’t so much want to send me there as a patient, but so I’d be closer to the airport in case life flight was needed to get me to a functional, efficient medical facility. So I spent a two nights in a 19 bed ward, with a couple of extra patients in the pathway. I was there for oxygen therapy and IV antibiotics and to be monitored. After two nights of wpid-20151107_120946-1.jpgmonitoring myself, as the O2 ran out in a few hours and was not checked,  and not getting my morning IV med due to an IV that had infiltrated for the second time that no one, including me, wanted to re-site, I checked myself out at noon. I kept telling my daughter I was doing okay being there but it was more for her ease because it was getting worse by the hour, and she didn’t know how much of my own care I was doing. Believe me, it would take a very long post to cover that little bit of time, like about dinner that was an uncut hamburger bun and 3 vienna sausage. My having been a nurse in a US hospital probably made my insights more dramatic.

I asked the student animal group if someone could keep the dogs for me. My daughter was trying to drive back and forth- and 3 or 4 bridges are still one lane bypass “Bailey” wpid-received_10207957648520616-1.jpgbridges which makes the hour drive tougher and weather dependent. The University used to have weekly trips by bus/van for shopping in Rosseau, but they were cancelled after Erika and they have not resumed, supposedly because it is still not safe enough in their opinion. That may say more about the road than I want to in this post. I will put in here though that Rosseau is not having the problems with food stock or fuel for the vehicles that we are. (Oh! And the last of my friends to remain waterless since Erika rejoiced this week to have running water again.)

Anyway, back to the dogs. One dog is young (people keep telling me she is 2 months old by the teeth but she came to us 2 months ago already eating solid food) and the other is the mom that came here as a rescue in June when she was barely a year old, a week before she had pups. She was to be picked up to be spayed on Monday. I knew she had a problem, but wasn’t sure what so I wanted her checked even if she couldn’t be spayed at that time. Being with someone else, for all their telling me she was doing great, apparently was too stressful and her problem was exacerbated to the extent she couldn’t pee. The medical student she was staying with panicked a bit and called me saying she thought it was a prolapsed vagina and she wasn’t comfortable making any decisions, so the dogs, “because the little one wasn’t house trained and was too much” would be home early in the morning. Getting up and down to take care of the dogs and/or mop the floor, was not any more conducive to my healing than the hospital was, but they are my dogs.

Monday, she went to the vet. Tuesday, they brought her home and told me the problem was cancer and that was what the pink area showing (the supposed prolapsed uterus) was but it was an island problem and usually easily treated.  But costly. Bless the animal group, they are taking care of it. But then, I took care of 13 dogs for them last semester.

And my computer crashed. Had to be taken back to basics. Lost whatever I had not saved to the greater bank of vibe knowledge. I felt a bit smashed.

I’ve lost weight, like 25 lbs, which I’m happy about. May have lost too much in the last few weeks since food is not as abundant, easily attained, or tasty as pre-Erika. I was dehydrated too, but hadn’t been trusting the water  but not wanting to buy plastic bottles. I’m on the mend now though. Went to the farmer’s market yesterday and found good food, maybe not as much as before and more costly, but thrilled to have it.

I am starting to have days where the island looks beautiful to me again. I know it doesn’t change, it’s all in the attitude. I’ve been working on mine a lot and even wondered if that was what brought some things to my attention to be upgraded, like the computer getting cleaned out, the cabinet pull that fell off in my hand. When we are lifting ourselves and raising our vibration, the stuff around us struggles to clarify also. Here’s to the great shiny, healthy new life!