It was one of those days, and the little things just kept coming! I almost had to laugh, but when the internet was down island wide for several hours (our primary communication), the phone would receive but not send messages, the laundry line fell down (another important island item), the screen on the gate and the window and… I could laugh for a while, but it was so crazy, I started making notes to remember them. Not the smartest or best move, but okay while I was still laughing. But it began to get to me.  Time to take a deeper look.

I love personal growth and development. I explore ways to clear out inner conditioning when I feel I am not living my best life from the highest vibration. Ha! That sounds a bit pompous. The thing is, right now I am frustrated with a lack of income and all the reasons I am stuck in that. Some are from the outside, like, where I live I can only get a work visa if there is a position I can fill that no islander is able to do.Then the school has some openings I could fill, but they will not hire me due to my daughter being a student. The only thing I can do here, that I can see now, is a few hours as a practice patient. (Which, by the way, I did for a semester, but since I believe we create by our thoughts, it was difficult for me to live the script of a sick patient and act it out repeatedly).

So, I’ve been working on clearing out some old conditioning and programming that would release blocks to financial prosperity. And here’s what I know…  I know there are times when there is an inner upgrade going on and stuff starts falling apart around you. It may be things like your beloved coffee pot or toaster, a phone. But here it is, if you are truly doing the inner work, the outer manifestations in your life that have been attuned to you, have a breakdown. The vibration no longer fits and it is time for an upgrade. The sooner you make the connection, inner change to outer, it seems to ease the out-picturing and short circuit the effects.

You really have to hold your ground. I was on the slippery slope that would have set my growth back, stunting or even stopping it. It was tough, but it changed when I remembered instead of counting the glitches, to start counting the blessings in the day.

As Ashleigh Brilliant once said, “When it seems that everything is falling apart, that is when it is falling in place”.Grow on, my friend. And if you need a place where others can hold the High Watch for you when you are having trouble doing it for yourself, check into the Facebook group, Holding the High Watch.

In Healing, Light and Love,



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