redefined Lent

My life truly is being redefined during this tropical adventure. Sometimes I wish others could experience the changes here. Sometimes, I would not wish it on anyone. Today I love it, three days ago, I told my son in the States I was ready to be back. I am, but I have many more months here. And more changes to go through.

Lent is not traditional for me, but does have significance in my thoughts. As with many rituals or rites, I look within to find meaning and from there create my representation in physical form. While Lent is typically letting go of something like chocolate or meat, I look to the thoughts or patterns I wish to release to open greater pathways to my knowing God and changing my life for the better.

This Lenten season, I am letting go of time wasters. To be more specific, things like time wasted shopping online. Just this morning I found myself looking through a book of crochet patterns for afghans. I do plan to crochet an afghan, but not for a year and I have a wonderful book of patterns in storage in the States (where I plan to be in a year). I certainly do not need an afghan while living on a tropical island. But it’s an old pattern, a distraction. I do not want to look back while I am crocheting that afghan in a year and think of what I could have been doing! I want experiences. I want to check things off my goals/bucket list.

What would you  let go of for Lent? For you, letting go of chocolate may be life changing, and if it were reasonably priced and accessible here, it could be for me too. Maybe there is one habit you would benefit by letting go of, a habit of judgement, a habit of poor thoughts. But, have a replacement! Let go of judgement for understanding or empathy. Let go of poor thoughts for prosperous ones. Forty days of exacting one change.

Forty days of Lent. Forty days til a time of resurrection. A time of transformation. The number forty representing the time it takes for a balanced state of mind, for a completeness. Four is a foundation. We build a strong foundation when we examine and fine tune our thoughts or habits. One season at a time.


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