In awe, or fear

My big word for the year is “Rise” and I love how it is showing up. It has been a recurring theme over many years. It began when I was in the ministerial program at (then called) Unity School for Religious Studies. We were given the assignment of writing 4 talks on one scripture. I knew quickly which one was mine, Matthew 17.7 (RSV) “But Jesus came and touched them, saying, ‘Rise, and have no fear.'” Imagine for a moment, someone with a superb sense of their own divinity, reaching out to you, touching you. Imagine, whatever you are going through right now, that you are touched with the energy, support and compassion that says, “Rise and have no fear.” And while you may think this is for a dark page in life, it is for great times also.

After “fear of failure” became a catch phrase, it came to be realized there is also fear of success.  In the Bible story from which the line, “rise and have no fear” comes from, the disciples had just witnesses an amazing event. Jesus had been glowing brightly and two past, MAJOR, prophets appeared. And a voice from the heavens spoke! It was too much for them and it says they “fell on their faces and were filled with awe.” (Matthew 17.6) Please note, I am using Revised Standard Version, and other versions will use fear in place of awe. Consider that these two are interchangeable in the old language. While to me, the feeling of awe is much lighter than what fear feels like, both can be intense and possibly overwhelming.

20160102_125339-1.jpgMaybe you are at a place that feels you are held down or back. Maybe the possibility of stepping out and above that place holds as much fear as staying in it. It could be you have a brilliant idea, inspired even, but what about the steps to make it real? What if it becomes real? For some, this is overwhelming, frightening. For some, remaining the bud is easier than blooming. Jesus, the divinity within, more powerful than any scary voice inside, is touching you, saying “rise and have no fear.”

(Art I placed on my journal the end of 2015.)



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