favorite time of year

It’s that time of year again. My birthday comes before Christmas and brings the past with it. It’s my opportunity to look at life, and take a look at me. What to do different? Where to go now? As the years go by, the self care plans change too. It’s usually a pleasant gentle review.

Then Christmas. I take my Bible stories very personally. I like to look at the story, how it resonates in me. Sometimes it leads to a journey in languages and history. But mainly, it leads within. For me, much of the Spirit of Christmas is the quiet rebirth of Christ within me. I allow myself to find the purest spark of Spirit and let it grow. I feel reborn. I feel Guidance of letting go and going on. It is the finale to the birth day review and the emerging of new precious energy. The Babe comes alive in me, through me. I glow. I am using too many words in an attempt to bring an inner process to understanding. I’m not sure our language has words.

And in this rebirth of spirit, I move to the New Year. This is a great place from which to make new plans. Not just about weight or money, but about joy and love and hope. Do I want to fix the gutters on the house? Yes, and it goes on a list. Do I want to plan a trip? Yes, and it goes on the list. Do I want to write a series of articles? Yes, and each of these things may have sub-pages.  I may need to apply for a passport for that trip. I need to know look at the gutters or research if it is something for me to do or to hire out. My list can get a bit long, and many times in this initial stage, I don’t break down the parts.  I am looking more at the feeling, the spirit, behind the goal.

And here’s a side-note in goals and personal growth – To upgrade a life, or a gutter, you’ve got to make change. I think the change starts within whether we recognize it or not. I have often seen someone dismayed when things in life start breaking, but it can come from unrecognized growth – if we are changing our vibration within in growth, things around us seem to require similar upgrading.

Listen for a word too. A word that stretches you or reminds you of who you want to be in this New Year.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my favorite rituals to go with this wondrous time of renewal, growth and transformation.




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