Good MOOrning!

My dad loved landscaping. Nothing super fancy or extreme, but he did like to mow the yard diagonally both ways. Where ever he lived you could see his touch in the clean lines of the yard and trimmed bushes. He brought in tons of sand to level the yard. And I appreciated his teaching and sharing, even though I didn’t embrace  his standard in my own yards. I did try.

This has been interesting in Dominica. They don’t mow generally. They use weed eaters. Everywhere. Side of the road, my yard. I have seen a riding mower across the street in the big open space that is very well kept, but rarely.

My landlord has sheep come in to try to create open spaces in the high grass out back, maybe once a month, or every six weeks. Once I saw it work well. The growth is high enough that the sheep can hide in it (I once saw a cow disappear under the star fruit tree), and dense enough that they can be tied in place with a rope around a grass bunch. Then, a few days after the sheep, the weed eater guys come.

I do not appreciate how high the grass gets around the house. One, it does not fit with how I grew up, lol. But more important, it harbors ticks, fleas, rats and so on and he is letting it infringe are the small border of shorter grass around the house. It is rainy season, so there are little pockets of mosquito nurseries that do not dry out in the weeds. When we return from the beach, the idea is to walk to the back and rinse off the sand in the outside spigot, but I don’t want to walk through nor will I allow my granddaughter to either right now.

So the sheep were here last week and I asked the landlord when the yard would be tended. He told me tomorrow,but he didn’t look me in the eye. These were my morning visitors. Four of them. In the front yard. I’m sure that is not what he meant…..




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