The Storm Continues

Erika is long past. That was August 27th. There are some things that amaze me about people. The School wanted to show everyone all was perfectly well. So they posted (and they posted MANY places) pictures of our fully stocked store, and people out drinking and eating in the Caribbean light. And as soon as they could figure out how to get the 450 new students and the families to the island, they did. – Our airport was closed, the ferries would only go to Rosseau, the normally used port, but the road and bridges (with water pipes and fiber optics attached) from Rosseau to Portsmouth were washed away.

So after IGA took everything out of the back to display the beautiful pictures of fully stocked shelves, how were they to restock? What about fresh water? But sure! Let’s bring in 450 + more people.  After a couple of weeks, the school resumed providing a weekly bus for shopping in Rosseau, which was a normal thing. That was cancelled, I think after one trip. There are people going to Rosseau, just not with the schools help. And VERY few students have cars, amazingly few.

I go to IGA regularly. It’s been interesting. This week I found the vinegar pepper wpid-20151008_152325.jpgsauce we’ve always liked for chili. We’ve never seen it on island before. I got 2 bottles. A couple of days later, I got the last box of flavored instant oatmeal and the only box, yes, one box, of graham crackers. We had been looking for graham crackers as part of a gift of a s’more kit. One box, slightly crunched. I don’t think the frozen foods have been restocked for almost 3 weeks. Finding eggs is like an Easter Egg hunt. Forget milk of any kind, coconut, almond included. Those are treasure treats too. It’s kind of surreal knowing you got the last of something at a store and to do it twice in the same trip.

As my daughter reminds me, there are 3 other little stores in the area. Generally, the population says to not food shop there, but these are desperate times. She found cornmeal for me at one which was great since I had found fresh okra at another.

Unless somewhere in your cells you understand not having your store as dependable as the sun, you probably won’t feel this. I’m not concerned about not having food particularly, it’s the kind and condition of it. While the island has been relatively rich with fruits and chickens, the bananas were already suffering and the storm washed away the largest chicken/eggs supplier and many gardens.

This is our fourth day with more than a trickle of brown water. We have actually been able to have warm showers!  Some are still completely without. Some never really lost water because the apartments had tanks. A couple of weeks ago, the school said we could drink the triple filtered water again. We opted out at that time due to the unappealing look of it. But now it’s usually clear, which is probably false anyway, but we are drinking it.

So water!! YAY! Do not be mislead. Yesterday at noon the electricity went out. It has done that before, at that time. Not too worried and it was a nice day so I took a book out to read. When I came back in, about 45 minutes later, the electricity was back on, but the water was off. It stayed off most of the afternoon. Finally it came back. A bit darker, but it cleared some. So the internet went off, for a couple of hours.

As for me. Sometimes I maintain an attitude of amused neutrality. I’m revisiting my deep spiritual teachings, writing, doing art. I feel brief twinges of panic that I’ve refused to acknowledge for a long time. Now it is more money related. If we had the money, I could go home for a bit. – but then I wonder if it would refresh me for the next 11 months we will be here? At least, I’d be able to renew my wardrobe which is being wore thin with the pumice laundry water. But the money is more practical too in that I would be more comfortable with having the air conditioner on and food/water costs have gone up. Not too mention, I some times loose my spiritual sense and worry about what do we live in and how, when we are done here?

Some days are okay. Some days, I am maintaining a semblance of balance but it feels tight. and some days I simply have to admit I am depressed. Oh well. Now to go look for the good again!


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