Energy works

When I agreed to foster 2 semi-wild strays to get them adjusted to people and into a home, I had committed to a new born pup and had a few weeks til she could leave her moma. After I handed the pups over to their new owner, I found out that I would not be getting that puppy.  I tried to be cool about it and began to wonder where my new dog may come from. Well, this is an island of outside, loose dogs… So when someone posted on Sunday that a very young, very sweet stray dog was about have deliver puppies, I said bring her to me. Now that other voice says “What!?! Are you crazy? Do you not remember how those other two pups tore up your life?”

She is so different from the wild pups! She has lived at the beach and played with many visitors. She does get a little food grabby, but is very lovable. Two days and she follows me around the house, has not had an accident inside, and even the 3 year old, who has been around a few dogs, likes this one and it’s mutual.

And every day, we think she will deliver.

Other than that, the electricity was off a while the other day. It was a nice wet day that was announcing rainy season which the locals simply call hurricane season. And the water went off too. Electricity was only gone a bit of the day, but the water hasn’t fully come back on and has been off all night and shows no signs of coming back. So I’m guessing the propane tank we use for cooking is about due also and am going gently with it til I have the number of someone to call or a vehicle.

There have been three things on my “list” – a scooter, which my daughter morphed into a more practical car for the 3 of us in rainy season, a dog, and increased income. The dog with a belly full of more dogs is in my care. Today we are renting a car we are considering buying to try it out (driving on a different side of the road and shifting with the left hand will be an adjustment). So I can’t wait to see how the income thing plays out! My work permit was approved for the few hours I do through the school, but it is open for whatever work finds me.

I’ve always loved energy work and have been taking this time of islanding to refocus on it again. Art and energy! Woo-hoo! And I am loving the outcomes so far. I’m feeling better, less pain, remembering to protect from outside influence (always been a bit of an empath taking on others energy disruptions). And, as noted above, putting out in the universe choices that are before me, that enrich my life.

Will keep you updated on puppies.


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