pups and perceptions

Well, first, I am very happy to tell you that both pups have been adopted. They are still with me and will be at least 2 more weeks, but I am so happy for them! There is a man that brings sheep to tend the yard occasionally. He fell in love with the dogs at first sight. His plan was to take the female, but this morning he confirmed he wants them both and has even spoken with his friend, the vet tech who gave them their shots, regarding them. They still make me crazy a bit. I was scared a couple of days ago when I saw them too close to the street and put them on the tie-out lines one of the PAWS people brought me. We are actually all much happier now. And the man adopting them was able to approach and get hesitant licks from both of them today.

Still mixed about living on Dominica at times. Much happier since in the new house. Shutting down to tolerate the environment we were in was a great reminder of how we put up with things and allow a “norm” to become acceptable. I know there is a lesson in that. I’ve giving talks on it and taught it in classes. But today isn’t lesson day. And for this time it would be about making upgrades inside and out if I were to take that path with this entry.

One of the blessings in the current home is having a washing machine. Between the humidity and shortage of drying lines, I only do a load or two small ones a day. Even though I’ve been doing it about a month, every few days I still screw something up like… leave the room and forget the water is still running (flooded most of the kitchen one day, had very clean floors afterward), or I forget to put the drain out the door. I’d say it’s getting better, but I am usually trying to do several things, like wash dishes, get Indigo ready for school – you know, general morning things, so I still forget or get distracted. The best days are when I take some art project to the kitchen table so I am next to the laundry chore. By the way, I’d love tips on getting the towels to come off the line soft.

Our PUR water filters will be gone soon. I really thought I’d brought at least enough for a year and maybe more! Not here. So another plus of where we live now is that we can refill our water jugs at the annex across the street. Across the street is a bit misleading, but it is very close and not up and down hills. As if the pitcher going through filters so fast wasn’t enough to convince me, seeing the color of a tub of washing water before I put the clothes in has done it well. On a side note, my daughter said she started playing an online game during the recent break but it asked her to get water, pick mangoes and ask a local resident for information. She decided she was already in the game. It was life as we know it and she deleted it. ( It is mango season by the way! Yum!)

I was laughing at myself going to get water the other day. I had on a dress I’d made some time ago, a jug in each hand, feeling like a milk maid, and thought how I could tell the grandkids about how I had to walk for water as I got old, since I can’t say it was “when I was your age”.

I look forward to sharing more with you. I have made notes of so many things I want to share as I explore inside and out. Be back soon


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