keep on changing

The move to the new place went well. Whew! Of course, we moved to the Caribbean with 7 barrels and several suitcases, so it was pretty easy to throw it back in place. The new house is very white and rather large, so it’s annoying trait is echoes!. I’ve put some yards of fabric on a curtain rod on one wall and Indigo and I are hanging our art work on other walls. The echo effect is easing a little. Overall, the place is working much better for us. I look forward to company coming here.

I feel it has allowed me to expand. I’m not protecting myself from sounds, scents and colors as I was. Still finding myself and how I fit here, and liking it. Trying different meditations and Spiritual practices, feeling what works, clearing out old stuff. Soon after the move, it was crunch time for final tests. Now it is semester break.

I heard of a puppy, from a litter of 2, that was going to be ready for a home in about 6 weeks. At the same time I became aware of a couple of stray pups that were in danger. I put some prayer into each possibility and chose the puppy still with mom. But I went to where the strays were hanging out and they came easily to take food from me. After a couple of days, I contacted PAWS (a student group committed to helping local island strays) and said if they could catch one, I’d foster it. So now I have two 5 month old semi wild pups. Oh my! 20150419_121903They are a great growing, learning experience. I am holding highest and best for them to find families. I didn’t think through what it meant to be an unclaimed island dog… the survival traits, the need to run and play in the grass, but the need to connect with a human food machine. Gracie is very glad to see me a couple of times a day. LOL. It’s fun to observe the very different personalities. I am drawn to Grace because she celebrates seeing me (a couple of times a day) and she is one of those rare dogs that has a true, toothy, natural grin that always makes me smile. Hunter, on the other hand, has a whistlely whine that he uses often. His loyalty is manifest in how he was the one pup who never left home base.

The lesson/learning for now? I think it is in the pups. Occasionally I seem to hit this lesson that has to do with seeing the other side. It’s always a good reminder of being open to “right”ways that aren’t the same as what my background considers right or my mindset training. I would think this lesson was already coming through the differences  in life right now, but it seems it needs some fine tuning – or maybe I listen better when it is in the more familiar form of animal behavior than a whole new life style. One change at a time. Day by day, I am getting better and better! and all is well.


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