Adjusting time

We arrived in Dominica on January 1st, 2015.  Other than that, it is difficult to write about. There is the beautiful idea that I am an artist living in the Caribbean, then there is reality and times of deep helplessness. There times of struggle to make it feel okay and times of being enthralled with the beauty.

Someone long ago told a metaphor of a person sitting in their lovely study listening to a _DSC0216beautiful overture. Then someone started a lawnmower next door, making the dog on the other side start barking. As they tried to shut out the “noise” and tensed up, what happened was they lost the fullness of the sound of the music. I realized that was what I was doing. I’ve been shutting out the good with the uncomfortable.

When I “look up”, I love the breezes. I love that I’m getting in better shape by walking to pick up my granddaughter at school, plus I get to see boats out on the water on my way. I love that I smell flowers on the breeze.  I get tickled when I see the cow and her calf outside the gates of this high tech medical school. The fresh produce at the weekly market is amazing and I am experiencing improved health.

I am one that seems slow to process and so it may be a while before I can relate to you much of this journey. I am doing some art work, which is good. Taking some pictures. Beginning to push myself to heal deeply and learn much. It is stretching me and grounding me in greater faith. It is experiencing the Serenity Prayer of what I cannot change and embracing the variety of instruments in the music.


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