Just a word

In this space between the quiet rebirth of the spiritual within and the explosion of growth that becomes a new year, is the perfect time to contemplate what will guide the direction of that growth. I have found, along with an amazing number of others, that a word can be all the platform needed to rest on and spring forth from.

What’s in a word? This word will be a reminder. When making decisions from myriad of choices, it can be a Light on the path. It is the foundation on which to build a sturdy structure to withstand the winds of whims and possibilities. It is a resting place for a busy mind. It is a calling forth of the best with us in a focused manner.

In selecting a word, go deep. The faith or fear lesson that I so love to work with isn’t just in a choice between the two. It is the premise that we all have faith inherent in our nature and  on occasion will direct it to what we fear or don’t want in our life. That one became more of a phrase of “where is my faith?’ than a word, but it was great to explore over a period of time.

Courage, strength, peace, love, mindfulness, Light, are examples.Be aware of what a word may trigger, side effects may be stirred up. Best example… patience. Those who focus on growing this may find they have many opportunities to learn the practice of patience and that can be very exhausting. Faith is a better choice, or divine order, because you can develop patience in knowing that by faith all things work together for good, as in divine order and that the current condition will pass.

Recently I became aware of someone who chose the word “dig” for the word of the year. It seemed odd yet as I considered the implications, it is a great word to employ for revelations and understanding. As an artist, she wanted the reminder to go deeper with her artistic expression and over the long term, I’m sure she will find healing at depth to be part of her year.

What’s in a word? Transformation.


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