Christmas morning

There is a special vibration in the air as I sit in the quiet of the early morning hour of Christmas. I feel it every year. But it isn’t just feeling it, it is embracing and riding it to make the most of it, of this entire Holiday season. It doesn’t even matter if this is your holiday, the vibration is there and can be engaged by anyone.

I have my own tradition I bring out during this time of year. It starts with my birthday shortly before Christmas. That’s the time for celebration and reflection. I find as I add more years, I am gentler with myself. It seems easier to get into the regret of what I haven’t done. I celebrate what I have done and begin to look at what I can do.

Christmas is the time to embrace and be embraced by the Spirit of the birth of Love, Hope and Joy. When I was leading churches, I would hold a Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve. Late in the evening, when it was a blessing to have some quiet time and consider the nature of the holiday. It was more than a time to be grateful for an event so long ago, it was a time of rebirth of the Highest in us. In a group with a defined focal point in consciousness, the richness of the atmosphere would be penetrating, A time of deep and clear embracing and honoring of the holiness in each of us.

And it carried into a New Year ritual. On New Year’s Eve, I prepare for a Burning Bowl. It is the perfect time for a culmination of the past weeks revelations. I write down whatever I need to let go of, a hurt, frustration, old anger. Sometimes even a dream that has been on the back burner needs to be released to make room for something new. From the best in me that has been enhanced by the season, I can let go of whatever isn’t in alignment with the higher vibration and possibility of fulfillment that has encouraged me. It has sometimes been an outpouring, but usually just a word or two can express what I want to release. Then I burn it. I want a visual context for what I am doing within myself. I see it be transformed, to become ash and I let go. But I don’t want to leave empty spaces. I write a letter, a prayer for what I want to fill the spaces, what what I want to grow in to in the coming months. In the church, we wrote our letter to God and put it in a self addressed envelope which was placed in the prayer box and mailed back mid year. It was fun to get a letter addressed to our self and be reminded of that season and the feelings of that time. It was, for some, a time of gratitude for blessings bestowed and for others a reminder of a plan.

So I sit in the quiet. I relish the time of re-birth of the divinity within and I allow the joy of celebration to expand – I am ready for Christmas morning. I am ready for the joy I will see in my grandchild’s eyes in the morning and the excitement as we celebrate a Holy birth. She may not understand yet, but I do and I know the feeling will flow through our day, and if allowed, through our year.


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