one year ago..

one year ago…
I shared a house in Texas with my daughter, her 2 year old, and three medically fragile foster babies, all under one year of age. We didn’t have enough nursing help so we were worn out most of the time. Christmas needed to happen, but so did the constant care of the kids plus doctor and therapy appointments. We were waiting to hear about final admissions to medical school for my daughter.

And things change… A decision was made that she would apply to a school outside of the states and she was immediately accepted, but required to take a prep course in Florida. The babies were placed. We distributed a LARGE amount of our belongings, sold the house, her car, attended to all the other demanding details, and were on the move.

On January 1st, we board the plane to go to the island of Dominica. The school there seemed to have the most family friendly environment. We have already shipped barrels of food, clothes, miscellaneous “necessities”, and a good amount of art and craft supplies to keep me occupied while she is in school. Granddaughter will keep me busy too, while mom studies.

Not many opportunities for work on the island, which I am taking advantage of to do some volunteering and focus on art – and enjoying living in the Caribbean, of course.

Time for full out faith and following the still small Voice. It’s been that kind of a year.


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