Faith or Fear – day 1

Every minister has a favorite talk. It’s a go-to lesson when called to speak somewhere new. For me, this talk has been an ongoing lesson, especially in rocky times, to reflect on and get my life re-anchored.

It is based in the idea that we all have faith. We all have it. It is inherent within us. It isn’t just a word of religion. It is faith the sun will rise. It is faith our coffee will help ready us to keep up with the day. It is faith the doctor will make it better. The list is every reach of our lives. I don’t know how better to word that statement. Faith is extended in all we do, but it also can be relevant in our trust and belief in and about our self.

For this day, just make note of where you begin to see your faith in action.

As always, you are welcome to contact me. We do not journey alone, although we may think we are.


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