Too long, too much

Three posts and I stopped. Well, I stopped putting the ideas spinning in my head on paper. Ater the last post, life became a messy whirlwind. Foster babies were placed in new homes. Resignations turned in. And LOTS of clearing out.

My son came and got stuff. A truck was rented and a huge portion went to Denver (daughter), where a car was also dropped off. Goodwill seemed overwhelmed with the amount in the driveway for them, but took it all. And the truck for Florida was finally loaded… Only about half full. Most given away. It really was a question of what was of enough value to be moved from Texas to Florida and left in storage for a couple of years. And what we still felt we needed with us. The truck was unloaded into a storage facility.

Then there were weeks of hotel rooms. Getting familiar with the area, and changing hotels a couple of times. School started 2 days after the move into our (finally available) apartment. Since then, I seem to be on hold. Maybe I have been for a long time. But I know a seed needs a quiet time in the dark nurturing soil. I accept this and try to keep open those quiet places waiting for the light that will guide me in growing.


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