picture frames

Do you have pictures on your wall? In my redefining and packing up, or giving away, I’ve reached the point of going through pictures, but not the ones on the wall or in boxes. Many things have been easy to let go off, or lovingly passed on to others, but some bring up great questions.

I have a lovely clear glass infusion teapot that sits on a clear glass pedestal that a candle can be put in to keep the tea and the ambiance warm.. I purchased it several years ago and have only used it a few times since. But in determining what to do with it, I realized there a picture frame around it in my mind. It is a picture of me sitting in a beautiful darkly elegant, softly lit room, curled up in an afghan, probably made by me, sketching or reading, or crocheting. it’s a lovely picture, but it’s not my life. It’s some romantic notion that appealed to the peace loving part of me and got wrapped up in a teapot.

If I let go of the teapot, I let go of that warm picture that has a possibility, maybe even a someday, except there aren’t too many activities I do sitting in soft light, and I don’t have a richly dark, elegant, quiet room. I may crochet by a soft light and with a cup of tea. But I haven’t made time for that in the time I’ve had that teapot. I’ve crocheted, but mostly to pass the time while I am at work. Do I want to pack this teapot and move it half way across the country where it will soon end up in storage for another year plus? Is it worth paying storage for? Will I ever have a richly dark, elegant, quiet room? Do I even want one?

But the picture… 

We all have picture frames. They define our lives. They give us something to work toward. They remind us of life. But the picture frames in mind define and contain us, if we let them. If this “picture” is how I define what is a good life, or how I live my life, I may be putting restrictions on it. Have you heard the old story about the guy who’s home was being over whelmed by a flood? He prays for God to save him and neighbors come to the door offering him a ride to safety with them. But he says God will save him.. He ends up on the roof of his home, still praying for God to save him. A boat of rescuers comes by, but he tells them God will save him. The helicopter spots him… The story goes on, but the point is…. what was in his picture frame of what rescuing and safety would look like? When he dies, he asks God why He didn’t save him. God responds, “I sent you the neighbors, the boat, the helicopter….”

If we think life should only look one way, first, where did we get the idea of what that way is and why it is right? If we believe our happiest times will involve a certain set of circumstances, how much fun and goodness are we missing when it doesn’t fit the picture in our frame? 

I believe we do need some kind of hope and anchors. They keep us focused and guide us, but that doesn’t mean it is something to define or limit. Our inner picture frames need to be of the ideas, the values, the inner core that allows life to surprise us. Life may have a beautiful gift for you, will you turn it down because it doesn’t fit in your frame? If you were to move into a new culture, would it seem  bad or wrong because it doesn’t fit in your frame? The energy work that I do is outside of many peoples frame of reference and sometimes when that happens, they can’t acknowledge that something has changed for them because it doesn’t make sense to them, as if they have forgotten the physical or emotional pain they were in before they contacted me. (Which is frustrating when I turn my focus to building a clientele instead of staying in the very large picture frame that is me doing what I love and being able to share while being of service to others.).

We can be trapped by our picture frames. I found myself being held hostage to a teapot because I still wanted the picture. Guess what, I kept the teapot, but I let go of the frame I had around it so I will be free to enjoy my cup of tea any time, like while writing this blog, or when a client comes in and we share tea while we talk about the work we are going to do. Or when I get to sit with my art for a while at my messy work table with it’s bright lights.

What are the pictures defining your life or the life you think you want/should have? Put the picture frame around the idea behind the picture, but let go of defining what’s in the frame. Then see what Life offers you… and enjoy.




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