Letting go

My life is changing. So I’ve chosen, with a bit of inner kicking, to, as they say, “go with the flow” and make the BEST of it and the MOST of it.

It’s Good Friday. I choose to look at the story from the highest point I can at this time. It is a day of crossing out. A time to let go of the physical and the material. A time to forgive our critics and persecutors, and even ourself. The mental sky may darken and the earth rumble within us, but we hold to the idea that there is more. A faith that says we are not forsaken. We do our work. The hard work of letting go. And we allow ourselves to become still. Waiting for the rising up.

I’m in a hallway, that place between the old and new. Part of my journey is to reconnect in a very strong way with a spiritual life. I’ve known for some time I needed to let go of my abundance of stuff. I’ve known for some time I’ve been drifting and not as happy as I could be. I’ve let my spiritual nature become dormant, just coasting along. I feel I let myself go and I want me back, better than ever! I know this is an amazing journey and I hope you’ll find parts of you here too and we can support one another.

In the meantime, in the between time, I am cleaning out and packing up (and starting a blog!). The journey isn’t only within for me, it is outward too. At this time of life, when many are looking at settling in, at retirement and maybe downsizing, I’m on the move. My downsizing is drastic. And anything but settled. While letting go isn’t easy, excitement occasionally flares up with the journey before me.

Are you letting go?


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